The concept of BESTWAX intimate beauty salons is based on precise and fast
hair removal in winter and summer for maximum safety and comfort

Recently, we have received several inquiries about the need to open BESTWAX intimate beauty salons nationwide. Since we had previously thought of a unified concept when opening our salons, the issue of creating a franchise network has become very obvious.

Investing in the beauty industry is definitely a lucrative business.

We will show you why it is worth opening a BESTWAX salon!

  • HUF 15-18 million investment (depending on the size and condition of the
  • Payback: about 2-3 years
  • Low traffic-adjusted monthly fee
  • Low maintenance costs
  • The right to distribute own branded products
  • High income
  • Low cost business requirements: 40-60 sqm
  • Number of employees: minimum 2, maximum 6 people
  • Transparent, easy-to-navigate structure

As an investor, risk reduction is key, guaranteed by the success of the three proprietary BESTWAX intimate beauty salons and the 5 (!) Franchise business.

The salons have years of experience, making it even easier to answer any questions you may have. Opening a BESTWAX franchise does not require professional experience!

Some of the many points where our franchise partners can count on us

  • Use of the BESTWAX brand
  • Professional know-how, continuous consulting
  • Assistance in the selection and further training of staff
  • Transfer of several years of business experience
  • Central material order, favorable purchase prices
  • Selling own branded products
  • Continuous product development, central innovation
  • Central design and production of corporate identity elements
  • Central marketing
  • Providing, managing and maintaining online interfaces on demand
  • Unified IT system (online registration system, sales tracking, control)
  • Regular meetings
  • Provision of professional training
  • Retention of territorial exclusivity

The secret to BESTWAX success

The secret to BESTWAX‘s success lies in several components. Many years of professional experience, market analysis following the opening of the salon and continuous improvement are already the keys to success, but the combination of these guarantees the reputation of BESTWAX. The management recognized this market niche in the beauty industry in good time and started its business, the BESTWAX intimate cosmetics salon, with due foundation.

Now it’s time to join the team and you can open your own salon too either as a salon manager and owner or as an investor.

How do we help you open the salon?

  • Recognition: because you don’t have to cut into a new thing, you get a design that is well known and accepted by your target audience, which represents a high prestige.
  • Unique equipment: you get tried and tested business equipment that is in line with your work processes, which, in addition to being aesthetic, also helps you work quickly and efficiently.
  • Unique workwear: which helps to further deepen the brand and build trust due to the existing prestige.
  • Contractor’s recommendation: because with us not only the structure of the store is solved, but also at a favorable price for the construction, we can offer quality, tried-and-tested professionals
  • Building a business: we can manage everything from the first “hoeing” to handing over the key.
  • Opening Marketing: The entry fee includes a 6-month online marketing campaign that helps promote the business in that city and guarantees a rapid customer base.
  • Staff training: the know-how will be handed over by qualified staff with many years of practical experience, which guarantees maximum satisfaction for prospective customers.
  • Transfer of business management strategy: when a store is opened, all knowhow
  • is transferred. The strategy is based on real business results and eliminates potential childhood illnesses that can lead to severe financial losses.
  • Website: in addition to the team members, the individual website will also display individual promotions on the central website’s own subpage

We know for sure that it is not just the initial enthusiasm that matters in the life of a business, but the ongoing work that bears fruit quickly. That is why we help our partners in the business not only in the beginning, but also continuously.

How do we help you do business everyday?

  • Own branded products: high prestige, exclusive products that are not available elsewhere and can be sold at a high profit margin.
  • Exclusive price suppliers: the products required for waxing are at least 15% cheaper for our partners.
  • Graphic elements: all graphic appearances are available due to the developed image. There are no design costs, no creative costs, just the cost of production.
  • Ongoing advice: business, professional support, problem management, we help with everything.
  • Promotions: We help you come up with and run promotions centrally, which are not a cheaper service, but a greater benefit through more customers.
  • Marketing: central marketing for product launches and promotions, where we also indicate the contact details of the given business.
  • Quality assurance: during the term of the franchise contract, we randomly check the attitudes and expertise of the employees of the given store with trial purchases and then help us with our advice.
  • Software: Provide proven and well-functioning online login and client management software at no additional cost.

Do you feel the strength and courage to become a BESTWAX salon owner?
Apply with us and start working together!

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