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If you haven’t been to our salon yet, it’s natural that you have a lot of questions
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Do you have a lot of questions about intimate cosmetics and intimate hair removal?

Now is the time to put things right and dispel any doubts, maybe do a little
pleasure for this hair removal procedure. Not only young girls, but also mature
ladies are increasingly choosing and trying out intimate cosmetics, which has
become an everyday need for guests today.

But what is intimate cosmetics? What is the difference between intimate and bikini waxing?

The intimate cosmetics are practically different in that the whole intimate area
(pubic mound, its inner arch, and the outer and inner arch of the buttocks) will
be completely hairless, possibly leaving a landing strip or patterns to suit tastes
and individual preferences. We only drive in small areas at a time, so it’s not that

We work with different cream resins for all waxing processes, including intimate cosmetics, the top advantages of which are the following:

  • we can remove hairs up to 2-3 mm long with it
  • Due to its texture and ingredients, it is gentle and gentle, as it does not adhere
  • to the skin and therefore does not peel it.
  • it causes less pain to the guest and leaves no sticky surface
  • especially recommended for guests with sensitive skin
  • can be applied to all skin types
  • you can work with it more effectively and thoroughly
  • does not cause hair growth, hair follicle inflammation, irritation
  • we use a special after-treatment oil, cream and body lotion suitable for the given cream resin.


Is it like going to the gynecologist?

Absolutely no! You don’t have to worry about getting bad news or revealing yourself in front of a man. You will be one of our kind and experienced staff and everything was discussed from schedule to mountain before the treatment. You don’t even have to take off your panties if you don’t want to.

How is wax different from resin and what exactly?

Wax differs from resin in the ingredients. The resin is based on pine resin – with all its disadvantages (e.g. allergens, sticks, etc.). Wax is a synthetic, pine resin derivative – with all its benefits (eg hypoallergenic, pleasant temperature, etc.). It is important that not all waxes are the same, they differ in ingredients and it is also important that NOT ALL WAXS ARE CALLED! – because in English the word wax means resin!

Why can’t the short shaved hair be taken out?

In order to take out a thread, you need to be able to “catch” it with resin or wax. Modern waxes are able to enclose shorter hair than pine resin (because it does not enclose, but also adheres to hair and skin!) If the hair is very short, the extra-skin part is shorter, less than the subcutaneous root part – therefore, there is a risk of rupture. This means that it recovers quickly, the skin will not be smooth for a long time. Also because of the growth phases of the hair, it is good to wait for a longer time to elapse between two waxes or between shaving and waxing. Because the hairs are in 3 growth phases – layman’s words: the already outgrown hair, the outgrown ones and the dormant hair. If a short time elapses after one of the treatments we can only remove those in the first phase, the skin will be smooth & hairless for a shorter period of time.

Official information of the manufacturer: “After waxing, the areas remain completely hair-free for up to two weeks and need to be waxed again every 4-6 weeks. If you switch from another hair removal method, such as shaving, to waxing, the hair should be grown to a length of about 6 mm, which is about two weeks. “

So the ideal hair length for waxing is about 0.5 cm, but experience has shown that wax can remove shorter hair, up to 2-3 mm.

How long should it be grown?

Our special resins remove perfectly even the 2 mm long hairs, so if you are bothered by the very short hairs, you can come. If we keep the hair too long, you don’t have to worry, because then we cut it back with a machine or scissors before the treatment, shortening it, so that the hair does not break, thus avoiding hair growth and thus the treatment is even gentler and longer.

How hot is the resin?

We use state-of-the-art cream resins that are unique in the market and one of the great benefits is that you don’t have to “boil” to use them. Heat to body temperature and apply to the part of the body to be treated with a spatula.

How long does it stay smooth?

3-4 weeks after waxing is guaranteed on a smooth skin surface and unlike a razor or epilator, it will not sting if it starts to grow. Does not cause hair growth, skin irritation or hair follicle inflammation. And you can contribute to an even more lasting result: wear cotton panties and clothes, exfoliate once a week, and if necessary, soothe your skin with a chamomile compress.

Will it hurt? How?

We women know we have to suffer for beauty, there is no other way with hair removal. If you’re still a “resin virgin,” the first time is a little uncomfortable, but if you wax regularly, you won’t even feel the treatment anymore, and even your hairs will become thinner.

How Many Nerves Does a Treatment Take?

The total intimate waxing takes approx. It takes 30 minutes, but rest assured, we are in no hurry anywhere 🙂 Whenever you feel the need, we will stop and relax, because we always take the time to achieve the perfect result.

You just think so! Although obviously genetics and hormones also affect hair growth, don’t think that only you have hair growing on your toes or buttocks. We reassure you: You are not alone with this, but if you bother, we will get rid of it. 😉

Do you take off your hair everywhere for intimate cosmetics?

If you choose a complete intimate resin, yes. This means depilation of the entire pubic mound, the outer and inner arches of the lips, and the outer and inner arches of the buttocks.

How do I care for my skin after waxing?

After waxing, skin soothing and nourishing is an important step. Suitable preparations containing natural lavender (eg Lavish lavender Tuspan). It accelerates skin regeneration and reduces irritation.

Against overgrown hairs?

The best solution is to scrub the skin at least once a week with a granular scrub.
(Lavish Exfoliators) In the absence of regular exfoliation, dead epithelial cells will sooner or later form a blockage on the surface of your skin, which can lead to unpleasant skin problems. The skin becomes dry and thickened, so the hairs cannot come out, but turn inwards, which can cause a knot the size of a pea.

Can I go to the solarium for the day?

Neither solarium nor sunbathing is recommended immediately after waxing. Wait at least a day before tanning to avoid any problems. Wear cotton clothing so that synthetic materials do not irritate the freshly waxed area.

Is it possible to wax during menstruation?

There is nothing stopping us if you using a tampon. Most women have a lower pain threshold at this time, but some are not particularly sensitive. Whether you undertake waxing depends on your individual sensitivity.

Can this be waxed during pregnancy?

Experience and research show that waxing has no effect on either the baby or the mother. Pregnancy is not a disease, so you can wax it with a calm heart. 🙂

What is the environment like?

You do not have to worry. Our operators are completely separated from the waiting area, you can feel free to “naked”, you don’t have to worry about someone “disturbing” you, opening or seeing. We ensure your beauty on our comfortable beds, in a hygienic environment, in soft colors.

Do you take on men?

Yes, we also accept male guests, but not all of our intimate beauticians undertake to wax male intimate areas. When selecting a service for online booking, the system will only offer you the option of those employees who provide that service.

Will the skin stretch?

Today, we work with resins that are old, cartridge-based resins that do not adhere to the skin, but only to and around the hairs. thus, when torn, it does not peel the skin and does not cause epithelial injury.

Is there a guarantee that my skin will not be damaged?

As the vulnerability of the skin is not just up to us, we cannot guarantee. Our guests are adults, responsible people (parental consent is required for children) and we trust that in your own interest you will be taking care to use a medicine that affects the condition of your skin or the health of your skin – in which our intimate beauticians and self-developed products are they will help you – we can promise to do our best to make you feel, “I haven’t received such a service anywhere.”



Hello ZiZi Foundation story

It all started with the fact that Ági studied to be a dog beautician and she needed a “model” for her practical exam to show off her knowledge. ZiZi tolerated living with 16 large dogs. We always loved animals, but Ági wanted a dobermann, I didn’t want a dog (especially not in an apartment) because I felt we didn’t have time for it. When ZiZi spent a weekend with us during the exam, I had love at first sight and it was clear subconsciously that she would stay with us. Even days after the exam, Ági asked when we would bring ZiZko back, but I always diverted that “it’s too late, then tomorrow…” That’s how ZiZi came to us.

The story doesn’t end here because we were taken for neutering shortly afterwards and the vet said that if we took it a week later, he might have suggested anesthesia because it turned out to have purulent uterine inflammation, which isn’t visible from the outside.

It has been more than 6 years and since then love has only been getting stronger day by day. Sometimes I just looked at this dog and it reminded me that if it didn’t come to us then it would probably not be alive today. And sometimes I wonder how many more unfortunate animals are waiting for a rescuer / owner / companion / family. And so I started thinking, “How can I help?”

The first thought was a shelter, but in the end I came to the conclusion that there would never be enough shelter, I would rather have to work to get the animals out of there, into a loving home.

And so the Hello ZiZi Foundation was created, which connects people who want to become dogs, animals who want to be farmed, and then helps people raise dogs. We believe that “he who loves animals cannot be a bad person,” but we try to make people aware that they support something with all their decisions: In this case, when you buy an animal from a breeder or breeder, think about what you support.

And think about one thing: Do you really need a purebred dog? A friend of mine bought a purebred dog for 400,000 HUF, for whom he spent at least half a million HUF on his health within 2 years. More precisely, in its absence. You’ve heard countless times what diseases these overbred fashion dogs struggle with. And it’s not primarily about the money, it’s about the unfortunate – in many cases – unviable animal that suffers because someone paid to upload it to the instagram to have a dog like that.

Believe me when you’ve spent some time with that animal and looking at you, or when you get home from work and jerk your tail so that you’ll fly away, it doesn’t matter what kind it is. The point is to be happy and healthy as if you were just your child.

Environmental Protection:

Nowadays, a lot of waste is generated both in households and in the workplace. We strive to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, so we pay attention to the selective collection of waste in our salons.

It is important to us that all our guests receive the best they are promised, so we only work with quality products that are skin and environment friendly. It’s no different with cleaning: Whenever possible, we use cleaning products that don’t add more harmful substances to our water system.

Our electrical equipment is also energy efficient, which we also consider to be a very important thing, as the human population is constantly growing, resulting in an increase in energy demand. We often hear that conventional energy sources are running out and are very harmful to the environment, which is why we are also doing / fighting against energy waste.


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