Our story:

In 2013, we opened the first intimate cosmetics in Debrecen. Waxing is an increasingly common method of hair removal. Our intimate salon guarantees that you will get rid of unwanted hair with such techniques and quality raw materials and tools that you will not even think about reaching for a razor again. We have professionals who, in addition to waxing the most gently, also love what they do and most importantly, they love being able to deal with their guests.

A calm, pleasant environment awaits you in our salons. You are in good hands with whoever you are to our nice, balanced and knowledgeable intimate beauticians.

All our salons are open, in a good atmosphere and yet an intimate place where you come to relax and beautify. We make sure you work with precision and 99% painless to your expectations.

We want you to leave our salon with a good feeling and we know that the smoothness and softness that awaits you at the end of hair removal will convince you of everything we stand for in quality intimate cosmetics.

We opened our first salon in the capital in Pest in 2016, and since then you can find us in several parts of the capital and the country, such as Debrecen, Szeged and Nyíregyháza.