1. Is it like going to a gynecologist?

Absolutely no! You don’t have to worry about getting bad news or having to reveal yourself to a man. You will be one of our kind and experienced staff and everything was discussed from schedule to mountain before the treatment. You don’t even have to take off your panties if you don’t want to.

2. How hot is the resin?

We use state-of-the-art cream resins that are unique in the market and one of the great benefits is that you don’t have to “boil” to use them. Heat to body temperature and apply with a spatula to the part of the body to be treated.

3. How long should it be grown?

Our special resins remove perfectly even 2 mm long hairs, so if even very short hairs are disturbing, you can come safely. If we keep the hair too long, you don’t have to worry either, because then we cut it back with a machine or scissors before the treatment, shortening it, so that the hair is not torn, thus avoiding hair growth and thus the treatment is even gentler and longer.

4. If I use more than one service, is the total amount high?

We have separate prices for each body part, but the more services you use on the same occasion, the more discount you will receive. Alternatively, if you register for the weekly sweepstakes on our website, you can even win a free waxing.

5. What is the environment like?

You do not have to worry. Our operators are completely separated from the waiting area, you can safely “naked”, you don’t have to worry about someone “disturbing” you, opening or seeing. We ensure your beauty on our comfortable beds, in a hygienic environment, in soft colors.

6. Will I not catch a cold?

We pay attention to the temperature and, of course, taking into account the sponge clothing during each treatment, you will get a towel or blanket from us if you get cold.

7. If I’m thirsty?

Upon arrival we always offer coffee, tea, water, soft drinks or champagne. The choice is yours.

8. How long does it stay smooth?

3-4 weeks after waxing is guaranteed on a smooth skin surface and unlike a razor or epilator, it does not sting when it starts to grow. Does not cause hair growth, skin irritation or hair follicle inflammation. And you can contribute to an even more lasting result: wear cotton panties, clothes, exfoliate once a week, and if necessary, soothe your skin with a chamomile compress.

9. Will it hurt? How?

We women know the beauty needs to suffer, there is no other way with hair removal. If you’re still a “resin virgin,” the first time is a little uncomfortable, but if you wax regularly, you won’t even feel the treatment anymore, and even your hairs will become thinner.

10. Will the skin stretch?

Today, we work with resins, unlike old, cartridge resins, which do not adhere to the skin, but only to the hair and surround it. so when torn we do not peel the skin, we do not cause epithelial injury.

11. Do you take off your hair everywhere in the case of intimate resin?

If you choose a complete intimate resin, then yes. This means depilation of the entire pubic mound, the outer and inner arches of the lips, and the outer and inner arches of the buttocks.

12. Can I go to the solarium for the day?

Immediately after waxing, neither a solarium nor sunbathing is recommended. Wait at least a day before tanning to avoid any problems. Wear cotton clothing so that synthetic materials do not irritate the freshly waxed area.

13. How many nerves does a treatment last?

The total intimate waxing takes approx. It takes 30 minutes, but rest assured, we are in no hurry anywhere 🙂 Whenever you feel the need, we will stop and rest, as we always take the time to achieve the perfect result.