Is it like visiting the gynecologist?

Absolutely NOT! You don’t have to be afraid that you hear bad news or you will be naked in front of a man. Nóci, Viki or Petrus will do the treatment and before that they tell you everything about waxing and the methods. You can also wear panties if you want.

How warm is the wax?

We work with creme waxes with special ingredients. We don’t have to boil them before using, it is just in body temperature.

How long the hair should be before waxing?

These creme waxes can remove the 2mm long hair as well. If your hair is too long, don’t worry we can trim it before waxing with machine or scissors.

Do I have to pay much if I need several body parts waxing?

We have different prices on different parts. The more body parts will be waxed, the more discounts you will get. Plus you can win free waxing by registrating on the website.

What is the atmosphere like?

Don’t worry. Our treatment rooms are separate from each other or from the waiting area. You do not have to be afraid of stepping, opening inside by a stranger. Comfortable bed, nice colors, good vibes, hygenic environment are waiting for you inside.

What about the temperature inside?

We know that you are almost naked during the treatment, so if you need we can give you towels or blankets.

Can I drink something?

We offer you coffee, tea, refreshments or champagne if you want. The choice is yours!

How long does it stay smooth?

We guarantee 3-4 weeks of smoothness. Much more than epilating or shaving. No irritation, no itchy feeling, no ingrown hair, no sycosis. But you can do more: wear cotton underwear, clothes, exfoliate twice a week and use special after treatment lotions.

Does it hurt? How much?

All the women in the world know that we have to suffer so many things to feel beautiful. “First is the worst!” But if you are doing waxing regularly, you will have less and less hair

Does it ruin my skin?

We are using special creme waxes with oil base that’s why it doesn’t tear your skin. The wax holds the hair like a gum, it doesn’t cause epithelial.

Do you really wax the whole intimate area?

If you choose the intimate cosmetic we say Yes. Which includes the whole upper part, the sides, the bikini line, inside the front and back.

What about tanning or sunbathing?

We don’t suggest right after waxing. You should wait 2-3 days, wear cotton clothes and underwear.

How long is one treatment?

The whole intimate cosmetic takes 30 minutes max. You can relax or pause if you want. We are not in a hurry! Good work takes time.