Niki has been with BESTWAX since 2017.
He was trained as a psychologist, but he realized that the cosmetology profession was much closer to him, and in addition, he could partly practice some psychology here as well. 🙂
It not only beautifies the body but also nourishes the soul. He also loves his profession and his guests.

Rita joined us in 2019.

With its cheerful nature and directness, it quickly turns the operating room into a relaxed atmosphere. As an athlete, he is characterized by a maximalist attitude and professional work. Feel free to contact him with confidence. 😉

Dóri of BESTWAX Pest VI. the newest member of his district team.
On rainy days, she likes to puppet at home, light candles and relax. At the hobby level, he is interested in exercise and esotericism. Animals are their weaknesses, they love them. She is now making her debut as an intimate beautician, although waxing is not far from her because she used to be a beautician. It is very crucial for him that his profession is also a party that he can do with love. You feel like you found these at BESTWAX. In addition to Avocado Body Butter, his favorite product is the Dark Noir diffuser, which simply loves its scent. Super Ability: Good audience and can watch any episode of Sex and New York again. 😀