Emese was extremely demanding of herself, the environment and her work. Based on the feedback from sales looking to beautify, it is unprecedentedly precise, responds thoroughly to the past and is fast. He is an excellent company, his intelligence and sense of humor are not traditionally included, so several years of professional experience can be guaranteed and improved.

Zsuzsi’s kindness and directness captivates everyone. In his company, even the most shy guest calms down in a matter of seconds. Whether you need a few words of encouragement or skin care advice, you can always count on it. Its speed is unsurpassed, so the time spent with it really seems like a moment.

Erika has only just tasted this profession, but the kindness and empathy of her guests and staff sweeps her through every difficulty. She strives to achieve 110% in her work, her guests have a satisfied smile and positive feedback for the most important.

Lilla is the newest and most colorful member of the BESTWAX Debrecen City salon, who, in addition to the topic of beauty care, will help you with super advice in many areas.

He loves nature, he actively helps animals in trouble, he is an expert in health care and a beautiful smile! 🙂